Reiker Ceiling Fan

Reiker Ceiling Fan

Reiker Ceiling Fan can both cool and heat the air. The Reiker Ceiling Fan was prepared with the research of US Energy Department Building Technology Center. It is the ceiling fan when you feel hot. It works like a heating device also. It can increase the heat in particular zone.

A Reiker Ceiling fan is also considered to be a Reiker Room Conditioner as it cools and heats also. This Reiker ceiling fan is a modern and technologically improved ceiling fan. It has a transmitter controlled by computer. The temperature is sensed by this transmitter and the heater is turned on and off.

When the room is heated, window glasses may be cool from outside and hence their temperature must be considered to have enough warmth inside atmosphere. One more drawback in previous system was it does not have duct to carry extra heated energy.

Note that a Reiker Ceiling fan does not require the duct to carry heat energy because it has the sensor and it turns off the heater once the expected temperature is achieved. It is an energy saving electrical gadget. It can be used anywhere and everywhere from your home, office, mobile home, garages or basements.

A Reiker Ceiling Fan has four ceramic heaters. They are placed above the fan unit. A room of 20 x 20 x 10 can be heated by using very little nickel within a short time. The basic three wires are used in this ceiling fan. A hot wire, a neutral wire and a ground wire are installed. Reiker Ceiling Fan is installed on 8′ ceilings. There are 5 blades used in this fan. The blades used are wooden blades and they are colored with two colors gold and white. The light is attached to the fan. The light is perfect for the small room, 150 w of power is given to it. 30w light circle is used for this. But this light is mild because of the cover of glass dome.

Also note that the Reiker Ceiling Fan is used with remote control. It is comfortable to operate from where you are sitting. You can control the temperature which is comfortable for you from your sofa or sitting place. Remote control has preset programs so you can control the operation with the easy touch of the button. Remote control is big one and has all functions. It has computerized transmitter which checks the temperature after every three minutes. It puts off or on the heater accordingly. So it saves energy too.

Reiker Ceiling fans are most suitable for small room with 4 walls. Large rooms and rooms with large opening will not be heated with the Reiker ceiling fan. This fan at the roof circulates the hot air in the room and hence the room is warm from top to bottom. There are no cold spots in between. Unlike other heaters who distribute the dry heat after some time Reiker Ceiling Fan delivers comfortable air throughout the room.

Reiker Ceiling Fans are also dual purpose equipment that is a zone heater in winter and cooler fan in summer. They are very convenient for medium size room as both cooler and heater. In winter, the heaters work best when the fan speed is medium.