Regency Ceiling Fans

Regency Ceiling Fans

Regency ceiling Fans are known to the very day person for their good quality ceiling fans from 50 years. Regency ceiling fans are produced from the best quality materials. Efficient and durable fans are manufactured by Regency ceiling fans for the best of consumer.

Regency produces basic 30 models of fans. Every model can have different features like fan blades of different length, light options, remote control. There are n numbers of combinations of the models of Regency Ceiling Fans with these features added to the basic models of Regency Ceiling Fans. The consumer gets the wider choice in variety and he can get the fan as per his specific needs. Best design and highest engineering quality gives complete satisfaction to the consumer when they use the Regency Ceiling fans.

Regency Ceiling Fans can be sorted in 5 different types as Décor Match, Designer series, Patio fans, Specialty and Builder fans. These fans are easy to install and gives a comfort of airy atmosphere at home. Regency fans offer a mix of modern and traditional styles of ceiling fans with the durability.

Décor-Match fans are very popular with the consumers who want to have unique design which will suit their individual style. It will add to the beauty of their decoration. These fans are consumer’s best buys in the series of other fans in the market. Regency ceiling fans are added to any room not only for cool air but as a focus point of that room.

Designer Series Fans create a mood with its perfect lighting with its up lighter. Its light is soft and spreads over the room. These fans are produced to keep harmony with today’s interior decoration styles. Designer Series Fans have different look from classic to modern.

If you want a fan for outdoor use, then Patio fans is perfect alternative. However these fans can be used in damp and wet areas also. Fans for Damp places are hung on ceiling and then will not come into direct contact with the water spray. Wet fans are elaborately tested for water spray. They must maintain safety in wet conditions. These fans are made with the special material.

Specialty fans are industrial fans and kids fans. Kid’s fans may have different color blades and bright lights attached to it. They give wonderful light in children’s room, game room. They have remote control and select Touch facility. Industrial fans have blades rotating at increased speed than the residential ceiling fans. Blades are made from metal and they are thinner. These fans should be kept away from any person’s reach because it may cause injury if any part of our body comes near to the blades of these fans. Hence they are not used else where. Required voltage is 120v.

Builder’s fan is the one which is demanded by professional builders and contractors because of its simple installation. Reliability is another important factor. Motors used for the high speed result in durability and hence name of Regency Ceiling fans is associated with the quality ceiling fans.