Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans are uniquely designed to provide longer life span since they are used in wet and damp locations. They often have rust and weather resistance capacity. There are number of models in outdoor ceiling fan. They are ideal for large areas. You can use them in your covered patios and garden so that you can sit comfortably and enjoy the cool breeze. All the outdoor ceiling fans must be UL listed. Some UL listed fans are for damp locations and some others are for wet locations.

Damp listed outdoor ceiling fans must be used in damp locations where it will not hit by rain. Covered portico, Indoor swimming pools etc is the suitable places for damp rated outdoor ceiling fans. Wet rated outdoor ceiling fans can be used in uncovered areas. The direct exposure to rain will not cause damage to these fans.

Outdoor ceiling fans come in a number of styles. You can select according to your need. If your place is already cool and you want to use fan to drive out flies then you will need less capacity motor. If you want cool breeze and high speed then you have to select high performance motor.

The Fanimation Edgewood outdoor ceiling fans have 5 blades and they may vary from 52 inches to 60 inches size. You can use them in outdoor only. They are noted for its beautiful appearance. They can generate cool breeze in hot summer. They are UL wet rated ceiling fans.

The Monte Carlo outdoor ceiling fans are perfect for any outdoor places. The wood crest model ceiling fan has 5 blades and it may be espresso white, Roman bronze and Tuscan bronze. You can add up light or down light to the glass kit provided. You can sit conveniently in your patio or garden and enjoy the cool breeze in all seasons. You can adjust the speed as high, medium or low.

Minka aire outdoor ceiling fans are easy to install. The concept 1 and 2 models in this type are ideal for wet locations. You can use them in verandahs and porticos and enjoy the cool air in hot summer. Minka aire Bahia is suitable for damp locations. They have oval shaped blades. The 5 blades are reversible and they provide cool breeze without much noise. They have light kit and so you can add bulbs to get enhanced beauty of the product.

The Minka aire Rainman model outdoor ceiling fan is ideal for wet places and there is separate cover for light kit so that the lights may not get damaged while exposing to rain. The blades are made up of stainless steel and so they are rust and weather proof fans. The 5 blades provide maximum air circulation and you can also use them where flies give you more trouble.

Casablanca ceiling fans have unique model. They are designed with two small fans on either side and the small fans rotate in all the directions to provide air flow in every part of the room. The blades are made up of brushed nickel and they are rated as UL wet.