Nut One Ceiling Fan

Nut One Ceiling Fan

Nut one ceiling fans are ideal for official and commercial use. They provide smooth and cool air without producing noise. So your employees can work peacefully. They provide smooth air both at low and high speed. The gently rotating blades never cause vibration. They can be used both in indoors and out doors. There are varieties of styles in this model.

Standard or close to ceiling nut one ceiling fan has unique design. It has 5 wooden blades. You can use them in low height ceiling or where ceiling is high. For this the pull chains are provided in the fan. You can adjust the height of the fan according to the height if the ceiling. You can get 3 speeds high, medium or low. You can use either wall switch or remote control to adjust the fan movement. This fan provides cool breeze to all environments.

Nut one ceiling hugger is ideal where the ceiling is low or where the room space is limited. The fan almost hugs the ceiling and hence the name. This fan has 5 wooden blades with curved ends. You can have three speeds high, medium or low. For adjusting speeds pull chain is provided. Wall switch or remote control adjustment is also possible.

Commercial ceiling fan has metal blades and you can use the extension stem provided to increase the height of the fan. There are 3 blades. They have sealed metal bearings. They are ideal for commercial and light industrial areas. They are economical and save cost. They can be used instead of air conditioners. They provide cool breeze to all parts of the room and so they offer comfort to the workers. They save much in your electricity bill. They are normally available in brown or white color.

Covered out door area ceiling fans are suitable for wider areas. You can use them in your patios or covered garden. You can enjoy the cool breeze by sitting comfortably in your garden. They have 5 blades. You can adjust the high, medium or low speed by pull chain. The blades are made up of polymeric material. They can be used in wet locations. You can adjust the height of the fan with the help of down rod. This fan provides cool breeze in hot summer. In winter it circulates the warm air inside the room. So you can remain comfortable in all seasons. They are normally available in white color.

Summit ceiling fans by nut one have 5 gloss wood blades. You can extend the length of the down rod to suit small or large rooms. They are white in color. They have three speed operation motor. You can adjust the speed high, medium or low with the help of a pull chain. They produce less noise and they are suitable for working environment. You can use them in commercial and industrial areas.

Metro nut one ceiling fan has reversible rose wood blades. They provide cool breeze. The built in pull chain control the operation of the motor. They are easy to install. They produce whisper sound only. You can add light in the glass kit provided. The extension rod helps to adjust the height of the fan.