Minke Aire Ceiling Fans

Minke Aire Ceiling Fans

Minka Aire ceiling fans boast a unique design. They are sold in five categories: contemporary, traditional, transitional, outdoor and retro.

Contemporary Minka Aire ceiling fans:

Contemporary Minka Aire ceiling fans are known for providing an attractive look. They bring you the latest technology to offer a variety of styles. You can add halogen bulb in this fan.

An Acero ceiling fan under this type has 3 blades. It is a fantastic combination of past and present. It will give a contemporary look to any of your room. Airus ceiling fans have 5 blades made up of brushed nickel. They have both traditional and contemporary look. They have up light option. You can adjust the light and fan with the help of remote control. Flyte is another contemporary minka aire ceiling fan model which has both elegance and simplicity. The down rod in this fan is different from all the other fans and so it looks more perfect.

Minka Aire Gryo ceiling fans have unique design where the two blades have separate small fans. The small fans will circulate in all the directions and so it ensures cool breeze to each and every part of your room. You can also include bulb in the light kit. Metropolitan ceiling fans provide elegant look and they have beautiful walnut blades. They have flexibility to include up and down lights. Viper ceiling fan is noted for its high gloss black white, oakwalnut blades.

Traditional ceiling fans:

Traditional Minka Aire ceiling fans normally have five blades. They may have either southern style or classical style. They are noted for their minute craftsmanship. They have fantastic blade finish. They will provide more comfort. You can get matching lights and fix in the light kit. You can add up to 3 lights in this model. The blades are made up of sandal wood, oak or walnut. They will be perfect for any of your room. You can get the Ggryo Minka Aire model in traditional also.

Transitional ceiling fan:

A Transitional ceiling fan provides much value for your money. They are economical and reliable. Yet they are noted for their elegant beauty. These fans are perfect for your interior decoration. They will capture your heart and eyes. They never compromise quality. The powerful blades are rotating fast and providing cool breeze in all seasons. They are ideal for small rooms.

Outdoor ceiling fan:

An outdoor ceiling fan in theMinka Aire model is perfect for wider areas. You can use it in wet locations, even. A Gaugian ceiling fan under this model has perfect design and the blades are designed as leaves. They have tropical design influence in their styles. Minka aire concept 1 and 2 models are suitable for wet locations. These fans are easy to install and maintain. The blades have slightly curved edges so that it circulates air in moistly places. You can use he remote control to dim the light and adjust the speed of the fan.

Retro ceiling fan:

Retro ceiling fans have brushed nickel blades and they have a glass light kit which reflects light beautifully. The honey maple blades add beauty to your room. You can add up or down light or both. They have 5 blades and 6 inches down rod. The fan circulates air flow smoothly. They have limited life time warranty.