Hunter Ceiling Fans

Hunter Ceiling Fans

Hunter ceiling fans are the world’s first ceiling fans invented by John Hunter. Hunter ceiling fans are having unique design and decoration so that they offer excellent look as well as comfort to the users. They have high performance efficiency. They never produce noise. The hunter motors are very effective that they do not produce even whispering sound. They are the quieter fans in the world.

Hunter fans provide cool breeze in hot summer also. The air movement depends on blade size, shape and motor capacity. If anything went wrong in any of the three features the air movement will be affected. Hunter ceiling fans never compromise the quality in air movement. They are durable and the motors have life time warranty. They have rust resistance capacity and so they can last longer than other ceiling fans available in the market. They have thick powder coated paint so that they remain new for many years.

Hunter ceiling fans use less electricity to run. So you can save more in your electricity bill. They provide cool breeze even in hot summer. SO you can spend less on air conditioning. Hunter ceiling fans have 120 years of experience. The air movement will be consistent and you can relax yourself under hunter ceiling fans.

Hunter ceiling fan never compromise in finishing and fitness. They are the best performance and most beautiful fans. There is wide variety of hunter ceiling fans like traditional ceiling fans, kids ceiling fans, out door ceiling fans etc.

Hunter ceiling fan has options to include accessories and lighting. They are decorative fans that do not compromise in the quality of air movement. You can choose the blade color from the series of blade colors provided. The number of blades may be either 4 or 5. The lights can be added to the bowl provided.

Hunter ceiling fans have lot of popular styles like large room fans, medium room fans, kids’ room fans and outdoor fans. Large room fans have 52 inch blade and have the option for lights. Some models have light and fan remote control also. Medium and small room ceiling fans have either 44 inch blade or 42 inch blade. They are providing high performance in circulating air in medium and small size rooms.

Kids’ room fans are the most stylish and they look attractive. It has fun filled design like a base ball and so it attracts children more. They have 44 inch blade and they never produce noise. They have life time warranty and they have reliable and powerful hunter motor. Fantasy flyer is another kids’ ceiling fan that captures the attention of the children.

Hunter also offers original ceiling fan in 42 inches by reducing the blade size to 10 inches. They are compact for small houses and work places. SO you need not use big fans in your small house. For out door use you can get the hunter’s out door original model. You can use it in damp places also. You can use the out door model in covered patios, green houses and so on. They have weather and rust resistant blades.