Hugger ceiling fan

Hugger ceiling fan

What is a ceiling fan?

The basic function of any kind of fan is to provide cool air. As the name suggests ceiling fan means the fan which is attached to the ceiling. The ceiling fans are connected with the help of a ceiling rod. The size and the height of the ceiling rod can be adjusted as per the will of the individual. The ceiling fan consists number of blades which generally range in between from two to seven.

The ceiling fan operates with the help of electric power. The speed of the fan can be adjusted according to your wish. In different seasons the flow of the air can be adjusted manually. Like in summer the blades are of the fan are so adjusted that the flow of the air is in the downward direction and cool air is pushed downwards and in winter the blades of the fan are adjusted in downward direction.

What is a Hugger ceiling fan?

Hugger ceiling fans are designed such that they provide you with less distance between the ceiling and the fan blades. This fan is ideal for lower ceiling as it provides the maximum clearance between the blades and the other lower parts of the fan such as lights and with the floor. Regards less to the ceiling height these fans are less effective as compared with the regular ceiling fans. The downside of this fan id that there is short distance between your ceiling and the blades of the fan which impedes circulation to a degree.

Hugger Ceiling Fan and Flush mount Fans

Hugger ceiling fans are usually referred as the low profile ceiling fan or the flush mount fan. It is designed in such a way that it can be installed in the room where the ceiling height is less than 8 feet. The only drawback of the hugger ceiling fan is that the blades are very close to the ceiling than that of the traditional fan which drops down because of this there is a reverberation which makes the air to bounce up and down between the blades and the ceiling.

This reverberation usually cause any fan to wobble or vibrate. ThatÂ’s why most of the flush mount hugger ceiling fans are manufactured a relatively flat blade pitch and with smaller motors so that they do not move much of the air. When there is less air movement the chances of the hugger fan to vibrate and noise is less.

This makes the hugger ceiling fans incapable of cooling you. There are various types of low profile hugger ceiling fans with better design which will move more air than that of the typical hugger ceiling fans.
However the huggers are not much effective as the rest of the fans. In spite of the ceiling height they are not very efficient in the comparison of the normal fans.