How to Measure Ceiling Fan Size

How to Measure Ceiling Fan Size

There are many reasons why people install ceiling fans. There are those whose aim is to improve the quality of air in their homes and others who are looking to make an impressive design statement. Fans have been used for quite a long time as they help in reducing the stiffness of homes and also ensure that there is a constant circulation of air in the rooming house.

How to measure a ceiling fan size.

Step 1: Start by calculating the blade size based on the size of the room. Normally, a smaller room will need a smaller fan. You, therefore, have to calculate the square footage of the room before you calculate the size of the blade needed. For instance, if a room is under 75 square footage, you will need a blade span that measures between 29 to 36 inches. If room size is between 76 to 144 square footage, then you need a ceiling fan whose blade span measures 36 to 44 inches respectively. If the room measures 225 to 400 square footage, you will need a blade span measuring around 50 to 72 inches.

Step 2: you then need to hang the fan according to the height of your ceiling. The minimum height you need to hand the fan is 7 feet above the floor. Hanging it lower would mean you suffer from poor air circulation. If your ceiling is below 8 feet, you should consider investing in a low-profile ceiling instead of fans with a downrod.

Step 3: You then need to determine the size of your downrod. Downrods are vital in making sure that you get proper air circulation in your room. If the room is 9 feet tall and above, you will probably need a download. If the ceiling height is 9 feet, you will require a 6-inch rod and for ceiling heights that are around 10 feet, you will need a rod that is twelve inches long.