How to Buy a Good Ceiling Fan

How to Buy a Good Ceiling Fan

A great ceiling fan is one that not only adds to the beauty of your home but also serves its purpose seamlessly. When looking for a good ceiling fan for your home, it is important that you ensure you have a few key things in mind.

Here are a few tips on how to buy a good ceiling fan for your home.

Identify the room that you need to place your fan

This is the most vital part of ensuring that you end up with the best possible product. Some fans are made for the great outdoor spaces in your home such as the porch. This may make it inappropriate for the other rooms in your house that may be too small for the size you like.

Identify the style you like

Doing this helps you pick a design that goes well with the interior design in your home. For instance, a dining room can use a ceiling with an inbuilt chandelier. There are many style options available in the market today meaning there is something to match every taste. Once you are clear on the room that you need to accentuate and the style and functionality that will best serve you, its time for the next step.

Pick the best size fan

It is imperative to know the best ratios per square footage for your fan. If your room is under 75 sq ft, you should opt for a fan that is no larger than 44”. For medium sized rooms of up to say 350 sq ft, use a fan of no larger than 58” and finally you can go from 60” to as big as you would like for larger rooms.

Choose the right type of mount and controls

The lower the ceiling the shorter the mount you will need. High ceilings will typically use longer mounts due to the extra room. Controls on the other hand determine how you will operate your fan. You can use a remote control, a wall controller or a string from the fan. This is completely dependent on your personal preference.

That is how to go about choosing the perfect fan for your space.