Garage Door Opener A23 Battery 12V Special High Capacity 55mAh Same as 23A 23AE L1028 MN21 CELEWELL Brand 6 Count 3 Years Warranty

Garage Door Opener A23 Battery 12V Special High Capacity 55mAh Same as 23A 23AE L1028 MN21 CELEWELL Brand 6 Count 3 Years Warranty

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  • Durable 55mAh HIGH CAPACITY — With the best material on the market, CELEWELL manufactures 55mAh high quality and long life span A23 batteries, which is 10-15 percent higher than ordinary 45-50mAh, so as to build a top brand.
  • LEAK FREE & 3 YEARS WARRANTY — ISO9001, CE, RoHS, UN38.3 safety certificates passed. No leakage in 3 years valid period. Free new replacement is offered for 3 years quality warranty even after return window is closed on Amazon.
  • REAL SUPER FRESH – Manufacture date is printed on the card to show you how new the batteries you order to avoid buying old stock batteries. 2pcs are sealed in a card so batteries do not touch each other as they drain.
  • MULTIPLE COMPATIBILITY — Equivalent to other brand models, like A23, 23A, 23AE, MN21, L1028, GP23AE, 21/23, A23S, V23GA, MN21B2PK , A23bpz, GP23A, LRV08, RVO8, MS21, E23A, K23A, 8LR932, 8LR23, VR22, 8F10R, EL12, 23GA because dmensions and voltage of them are the same.
  • APPLICABLE DEVICES: Ideal for garage door openers, car alarm remote, ceiling fan remote, home alarm system, wireless doorbell, window security sensor, flashlight, fireplace remote control and so on.

Brand Introduction
CELEWELL consists of a professional battery manufacturing team who believes that only profession, creativity and effort can build a brand.

CELEWELL is the leading manufacturer of batteries which was started by a mother named Stella. Accidentally CELEWELL started selling on Amazon in 2015. During these two years, CELEWELL keeps improving products and service. CELEWELL is a new brand on Amazon like Stellas baby who needs our team take care of her with much effort so as to perform better and better. CELEWELL strives to offer good quality and exact batteries at inexpensive prices.

Every review or feedback from you is valuable for us to improve ourselves. CELEWELL is always on the way improving and enhancing performance better and better on Amazon.

CELEWELL: Light up your life!

Model: 23A battery
Voltage: 12 Volt
Capacity: 55mAh
Dimensions:Diameter 0.41”, height 1.12”
Package: 2pcs safely sealed in a card, convenient to retail or store or transport.
Shelf life: 3 years. Manufacture date and expiration date are printed on the card which will help you identify how new the batteries are. Old batteries may have very low power.
Applications: Mainly used for garage door open remote control, doorbell, car alarm remote control, burglar alarm remote control, lighter, keyless entry access control devices, toys and other electronic equipment
Warranty: 3 years by CELEWELL
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