Ceiling Fans by Fanimation

Ceiling Fans by Fanimation

Fanimation ceiling fans have unique designs that provide excellent appearance. They have flexibility to include any accessories that make them look attractive. Air shadow is one of the fanimation fans that have wooden blades and a bowl for light. They look wonderful and when they are not I use the blades are closed. SO they offer two different and beautiful look to your ceiling.

Americana is a fanimation ceiling fan noted for its brilliant beauty. It will not be just a fan to your house but it is a piece of art that will decorate your house. The blades are oval in shape and it looks like a palm leaf. The blades are also come in green palm leaf structure. You can add lights to the fan.

Bellaria is another fanimataion fan that comes in unique innovative design. The blades are oval in shape and you can enjoy the cool breeze even in hot summer. You can ad attractive light to the bowl provided. The blade will be either in natural palm leaf color or like hand made wooden structure. Both the models are eye catchy and you can select the fan from the series according to the climate like damp, wet or dry.

Belize is an attractive fanimation fan which has elegant appearance. The blades are wooden hand made oval blades and the lights will add extra beauty to your house.

Fanimation fans have flexible options to add lights and other accessories. They offer wide series of lighting options that you can according to your taste and budget. Islander lighting can be added to fanimation fans that offer light that resembles sunshine. The lights are made from natural palm leaves and they give an elegant look to your hall.

Semi flush mount lights can be attached to glass bowl in the fanimation fans. It has more natural designs. It reflects the art of beauty. You can add 60 watts bulbs in this. It has brass finish that depicts antique models.

Fanimation fans are decorative art to your house. These fans have blade design with natural influence like natural palm leaves or rustic pine. They are suitable for both wet and dry locations. The blade size of fanimation fans may vary from 48 inches to 54 inches. Some ceiling fans include lights in upside and downside which adds more beauty to your house.

The air movement in fanimation ceiling fan is excellent and the motors will have life time warranty. You can use either 40 watts or 60 watts bulbs in the glass light kit provided. You can have remote for lights and fan.

The light kit comes in various models like antique brass, antique nickel, and antique white etc. The light fitters provide options to fit single bulb, three bulbs, four bulbs and six bulbs. Sometimes you can get the side lights for some selected model fanimation ceiling fans.

The fanimation fans are also designed with historical inspiration. These fans provide both traditional and contemporary look to your house. The fans may have either 4 blades or 5 blades.