Emerson Ceiling Fans

Emerson Ceiling Fans

Started in 1895, the Emerson Fan Company is the oldest fan manufacturing company that is still in operation today. For the number of years in service, the company gives credit to the quality, design, leadership and innovative employees. Emerson Ceiling Fan Company is one of the leading electronics engineering companies. The company has hundreds of patents on its name and has over 140 different models to its name that range from traditional classic to the trendy new age designs.

Over hundred years ago, the Emerson Ceiling Fan Company invented the first alternating current motor for the fans. This launched a revolution in the world of ceiling fans and this technology was further adopted by the rest of the companies. The whole collection of the ceiling fans has been developed on the basis of three basic principles, style, variety and the most important of them is the quality.

The quality of each of the models of the ceiling fans in par excellence. Every ceiling fan is a masterpiece of detailed and careful hard work. You can depend on you Emerson ceiling fans as most of the models are backed with the Emerson K55XL motor and the rest of the models have a motor that is corresponding to the K55XL. Also Emerson Ceiling fans offer some of the maximum warranties and variety in the ceiling fan industry.

You need not worry about how to purchase a ceiling fan that matches you home decor. You can choose from a vast array of varieties of ceiling fans that are available in the market. Today, Emerson has a large variety of fans to offer that come with elite finishes and extraordinary lighting which makes the light and fan combination inexhaustible and unbounded. The end product of all this is the most remarkable and extraordinary choice in ceiling fans.

If you want your room to look exclusive and elegant there is no better option than to decorate and give the perfect finishing touch with Emerson Ceiling fan. The Emerson ceiling fans boast of the excellent workmanship and elegant looks, with the styling done with utmost care and are built with the latest technology.

The Emerson ceiling fans have a vast range from which you can choose any model that appeals you. The range of models is classified in six categories. They are

* Classic;
* Contemporary;
* Traditional;
* Transitional;
* The Pro-Series; and
* Indoor/Outdoor.

You can also have an opportunity to choose from a range of many different types of accessories. For example you can choose from a number of items like the accessory blades, the ceiling medallions, the controls, the light fixtures, the downrods, the fitters and even the Italian Pistra Glasses.

With the greatest variety of ceiling fans and the complementing accessories to select from, you now have power to select any type of ceiling fan that looks fancy and extraordinary even after many years of service and also a fan that can adorn your room for years to come.